Root Canal

Root canal treatment involves one or more visits. Several steps will be taken during the procedure.

  1. Your tooth is numbed for your comfort.
  2. A thin sheet of rubber is place over your tooth
  3. A small access opening is made through the crown of your tooth into the pulp chamber
  4. The tooth’s nerve or “pulp” is removed. Medication may also be placed in your tooth to in order to rid it of bacteria.
  5. At this point a temporary filling may be placed and you will schedule your “finish root canal” visit. The dentist may also proceed to the next step. This decision is based on the findings and discretion of     the dentist.
  6. The temporary filling is removed and the canals are filled with an inert “rubber like” filling material.
  7. A very important final step is taken which is to place a crown or filling strengthening and sealing the tooth.

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