Tooth Fillings

Tooth Filling

White and Silver Fillings

Composite Resin Restoration “White Fillings”
There are two major advantages when using composite fillings. First, the color matches the natural tooth to allow a desirable cosmetic result. Secondly, when the decay is removed from the tooth we use a bonding adhesive that is chemically cured with light to result in a superior seal to the tooth. This allows the dentist to remove a minimal amount of tooth structure. The key to good composite restorations is technique. The dentist and assistant use various techniques to isolate the tooth from saliva which has the potential to interfere with the adhesive bond.

Amalgam Restoration “Silver Fillings”
Amalgam restorations have been a predictable and economical way to restore decayed teeth in dentistry for well over 100 years. Amalgam fillings are sometimes used in the molars to restore minimally and moderately decayed teeth due to their strength and longevity. In recent years there have been questions raised about potential adverse health consequences using dental amalgam due to the mercury content. Science still demonstrates dental amalgam as a safe and dependable restoration.

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